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DoPlus is located in Shenzhen City, China. We design and make Retail Display Fixtures & Home Organizers for more than 10 years. By manufacturing of Stamping, Bending, Welding, Injection, etc. With the material of Steel, Aluminum, Hardwood, Plastic. Engineers are special in designing new products or make OEM, with 3D parametric design software.


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Retail Display Fixtures

Show off your tasty baked treats on a bakery display fixture, and entice customers to make last minute purchases.It come in a variety of materials, from acrylic, metal to wood, perfect for matching any decor.
The perfect fixtures for displaying your fresh fruits, vegetables products that are designed to improve customer convenience, boost sales, and save space all at the same time.
Increase your revenue by offering fresh flowers or even, artificial flowers in your retail location. Used in gas stations, supermarkets, hotels, and hospitals, these flower display racks are quite popular.

Wall Display Shelving, Island Display Shelving, Counter Top Display Stand for chain store.

Point of Purchase(POP)

Home Storage & Organizers

Kitchen interior fittings turn chaotic drawers and hard-to-reach corners into things of beauty and efficiency. Drawers & Cabinet Organizers in Kitchen Storage & Organization help tackle this wasted space and make cabinets 100% more efficient.
Bathroom organizers ideas include makeup organizers, drawer organizers and bathroom storage options that help utilize every inch in the bathroom. With form, function and a sense of fashion.
Bring your style to life with home decor. Bright ideas for how to design your living room, bedroom, bathroom and every other room in your house.

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