About DoPlus

DoPlus, one of the display rack China suppliers, simply focus on customized retail display fixtures. We do plus to add value to our customers.

With experiences of more than 20 years, and the modern CNC machines or traditional machines, our company and partners had made many products and they are found in famous brand like Walmart or small business shop. No matter what size you are, you will get our service+.

Continuely, we help clients to design new products, make cost down for current design, control products quality consistently.

Wood Workings

Modern Machine

Experienced & Well Trained Workers Make Your Order.

Proper machines and experienced/well trained workers are both important to ensure your order will be completed on time, qualified — ready to ship to you.

Spot Welding Machine

Women or men in the positions

She said the line leader told her on the training the products could be seen in Walmart, Target, Kroger. But she just know Walmart because there are many Walmart supermarket centers in Shenzhen City, Dongguan City, and the Changsha City which is the bigest city in the province where she was borned. She was pround of her works. 

— by Miss Guo

Spot Welding

On Site Quality Control

Calibrated Measurement Tools

Proper Design, Proper Implement

Cost is almost clear to everyone in modern market since the global trading, world is flat.

But there is not way for us to give up the quality.

Free Design Service

Design With Experience of Products “Library”

With the experiences of designs and productions and quality controls from more than 1,000 products, we will provide optimized solution for you at the beginning of communication.


Talk To Us And Know More

We try to help you but we will never do it exactly before you decide to talk to us. Just as our business adviser told – A conversation is free, A conversation is life-risk.